SQLBridge Update Multiple Rows


We are beginning to utilize the Transaction Groups provided by SQLBridge and have run into a requirement that I’m hoping can be simplified…

We have an array of UDT’s that map to rows in the database…

UDT[0].value1 --> DB_Table ( idx, value1 ) Value (1, value1)
UDT[0].value2 --> DB_Table ( idx, value2 ) Value (1, value2)
UDT[1].value1 --> DB_Table ( idx, value1 ) Value (2, value1)
UDT[1].value2 --> DB_Table ( idx, value2 ) Value (2, value2)

and so on. This update needs to happen for all UDT’s when triggered We also in a different transaction group(different trigger) need to go the opposite way.

I am really hoping that I don’t have to do 800 separate transaction groups to accomplish this…

Can anybody tell me a simpler way to accomplish this with SQLBridge? I already have a fair idea how I could do it with a Tag Change trigger, but was wanting to see if SQLBridge can do this since this kind of thing is why we purchased the module for this project rather than just doing tag change handlers for everything as we’ve done before.

Thank you,

The “Block” type of transaction group is what you are looking for.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll look closer at that type.