SQLHistory Tag Query

Trying to build a tag history analyzer that queries a specific time in a period using SqlTags. The SQLtag history binding with the column selector and indirection works with one site. However, I would like to query multiple tags from different sites. The only alternative, to me, would be to use system.tag.queryTagHistory and concat tag paths to build the multiple tag query. Be nice to have the capabilty to select a dataset in the tag history binding. Any other ideas?

What do you mean by a ‘site’? Are you talking about multiple SQLTag History providers? IE: different databases?

Only one tag provider. All of our sites have the same tag naming convention. Using the tag history binding enables only one site to be selected. (site{1}/p1hrs etc.) The requirement is to be able to pick tags from multiple sites as well. We have 130 and at least 10 history tags per site. That’s why it looks like the only alternative is system.tag.queryTagHistory. Just looking for something simpler.

If you are trying to get a table filled with this data, then you are going to be best off with the queryTagHistory() function because it will allow the most flexibility for you. You can use the Tag History binding type to set up any tag paths you want but you won’t be able to have a variable amount of tags that you are selecting.

If you are using an Easy Chart to display the data then you can use the Cell Update binding on the Tag Pens dataset. You won’t be able to have a variable amount of tags with this method either.

Is it possible in the future, as a new feature, to have the option to select a dataset in the sql tag history binding instead of using the indirection?

A dataset isn’t a SQLTag history binding, why would you want to mix them together? You could just use a second dataset. If you want to combine two datasets, you can do that pretty easily through scripting.

I don’t think that there’s a way to gain access to the Selected Historical Tags dataset in the tag history property binding as you can in the easy chart. In the easy chart you can load tag from the easy chart customizer or a query to a db to get the tag/tags path. In the tag history binding all you can do is use fix tags or indirection. In any case I got it to work by using a concatanated string and adding multiple site querys and using the system.tag.queryTagHistory.