SQLite Database: Adjusting Timestamp Format and Centering Data in Table Properties

Good afternoon, everyone,

I am currently working on a project involving scrap tracking.

I am using an SQLite database at the moment and setting up queries to display database information in a table.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. The format of the t_stamp field is unfamiliar to me. Is there a setting where I can change the format to HH:MM:SS DD-MM-YYYY or can I put a command in the query builder to convert the the time to the format I want?

  2. Regarding the table properties, which setting controls the alignment of data?

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Hi, you can find all what you need under the columns properties, I cannot provide a screenshot now, but you have to set the columns name as in the sql query and then there are the align and the format properties to change.

Read this for example

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Thanks for the reply. I have done that but the format has not changed, would there be something I am missing?

But the column name in the database is "t_stamp" or "event_time"?

In the screen shot it’s event_time. I was testing and changed the column to match the example in the above post. The time seems to be in UTC time.

Show us a screen shot of one or more rows of the table's data property. That will reveal the true column names.


You need to change the render property

I have done, but still does not change:

Your event_time column is type text. It needs to be a valid datetime column that maps to java.util.Date through JDBC.

(Why are you using SQLite? It is utterly broken for production use. Use PostgreSQL or MariaDB instead, if you need something free.)

I did need up getting it in the end. I ended up switching to MySQL database and following the same setup and it seemed to work fine. Thanks for the support