SQLite Database Backup Restore

Hello folks,
Is there any way to backup and restore the SQLite database? I trying with complete gateway backup it does not restoring SQLite database.
Any leads other way to do this?

Thank you

Srikanth P

A gateway backup absolutely restores the main config.idb SQLite file that contains all gateway configuration.

A gateway backup does not contain e.g. Edge’s historian buffer, or any ‘local’ audit profile, alarm journal, etc data - by design.

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Thanks for the reply @PGriffith

Example : I have created some tables in SQLite for testing purpose and sending gateway backup to my team member and restored the backup in his laptop, the tables which I was created in my laptop it won’t reflect in his backup along with data.
This is where we are facing an issue. Every time we are creating a table and doing the activities.

Srikanth P

Send the database separately. As Paul points out, this backup behavior is intended, not a bug. Managing databases is a user responsibility.

Sure will manage the database, could you please tell us how to make separate backup and restore the same (SQLite)

SQLite stores everything in a single file. You should disable the DB connection in Ignition, copy that file to a backup folder, then re-enable the DB connection.

If you need a DB that can be backed up on the run, use something else.

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