SQLite Setup Problem: Empty tables, Power Chart can't disply history

I’m trying to setup a DB connection to a SQLite DB as part of the Building in Perspective Course by Inductive University.
In Database Connection I createdt the connection by just giving a name to the DBas the instructor says.
After saving the status of the Connection is Faulted, after checking the Error it seems that during the DB creation I should have modified the path to the db file to and existing folder on the C drive.
So I did it and now the connection is valid.
So now I have enabled histoy on 15 tags and a table of the db is filling upo with records.

I then tried to use the power chart to display the tags history but the browse tag is empty.

Looking at the DB tables I notided that only 6 tags are registering their history (from id 7 to id 12) and all the other tables outside of the one with the values are empty, for example there’s no definition for the tags that are getting their history registered.

It seems that I 'm having some problems with the SQLite DB I have created, any guess what it is?

I’m experiencing something similar. However, even though all 15 tags are in the sqlth_te table and it’s data values being registered, the Easy Chart in Vision or PowerChart in Perspective, with showing the last whatever minutes (10 min, 1 hour, etc…) is not showing a trend, it showing a straight line live value. Any idea what’s happening?