SQLite3 Connection Issues, Raspberry Pi 3b+


I am trying to test up a test database on the raspberry pi and display the contents of the database in a table in Perspective. I am able to create the application to work on my windows laptop but not on the Raspberry Pi 3b+.

So far I’ve created a perspective application. (Zip file attached). In this application I have the Named queries using the database connection I set up on the gateway.

To create the perspective application I developed it on my Windows PC and then exported the application from the gateway to a USB drive. I import the application to the raspberry pi Ignition gateway via USB.

I created a database connection on the Rasp Pi gateway to match the name of the database connection on my Windows PC.

On the Rasp Pi-
Database name: mysensor_data.db
table name: th_reading
Rasp Pi db file location: /home/pi/

for which I used the URL pathway:

I am able to view and list the contents of the th_readings table on the Rasp Pi in the terminal interface using SQLite3 program.

Any suggestions for the being able to view the db contents in Perspective on a Rasp Pi? Is there a better way (other than SQLite3) to store values and display them on the raspberry pi?

SQL_Test_Project412022_20220401171417.zip (9.1 KB)

My Perspective application is attached.

Don’t use SQLite3. It requires the user (the gateway) to open it as a file.

Use a database that accepts client connections across the network. (Pretty much everything else. MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL are all open source and free to deploy.)

Thank you sir. I will try one of the other SQL databases. I only went with SQLite because it was said to have a very small overhead. The Rasp Pi I have is stretching the 1Gb of ram to its limits.

I will give MariaDB a try.
Thank you- Evan W.

An update- 7 Hours Later… I was successful in creating a test MariaDB database and tables and getting those to display on a Perspective session on the Raspberry Pi. Thank you PTURMEL for pointing me in the right direction.

I would definitely recommend going for a Rasp Pi model with more than 1GB of RAM unless you like to PULL out your hair… But it will run the gateway none the less. Spring for the 2GB or 4GB model if you can afford it.

I am working on a senior project for college, and thought I’d incorporate Ignition. :slight_smile: