SqlTag Historian without SQL Bridge

Hi folks.

I have been looking at Ignition and have been quite impressed so far.

I just had one question that would be good to get a definitive answer for.

Basically I have installed Ignition on a Linux box and am running the free OPC-UA + Vision Panel edition.

I have the following modules installed:

Module Configuration
Name Version Description License State
ActiveX 2.4.0 (b70) Adds ActiveX components to the Vision module. Free Loaded
Allen-Bradley Drivers 1.4.0 (b192) Allen-Bradley driver suite for the OPC-UA module. Activated
Modbus Driver v2 2.4.0 (b196) A driver for communicating with devices via Modbus-TCP. Activated
OPC-UA 1.4.0 (b379) A cross-platform OPC-UA server. Activated
Siemens Drivers 1.4.0 (b139) Siemens S7-300, S7-400 and S7-1200 drivers. Activated l
UDP and TCP Drivers 1.4.0 (b95) Drivers for receiving and parsing UDP or TCP packets. Activated
User Manual 1.4.0 (b184) The Ignition user-manual and context-sensitive help system. Free
User Manual (MES) 1.4.0-rc1 (b120306) The MES module user-manual and context-sensitive help system. Free
Vision 6.4.0 (b428) A module that provides web-launched HMI/SCADA clients. Activated

But can still add an external SQL database as an historical SQLTags provider. I have found that when I do and select the relevant history settings for the tag in designer the values are logged to the SQL server. While I can’t run queries or access the data from within Vision Panel, it is quite useful in that I can use external reporting tools with data logged in the database.

I don’t have the SQL bridge installed at all and was just wondering whether this was normal behaviour or just some kind of oversight/bug.


Yes, it’s an oversight. The SQLTags History feature is normally enabled by the SQL Bridge. This will be corrected soon. Your account exec can work with you to accommodate your system requirements.