SQLTag History Data: Quarantined items

Hello, today we upgrated our system to Ignition 8.1.2 from Ignition 8.1.0. As soon as the gateway restarted, we saw quarantined items starting to pop up in the Store and Forward section with the following error description:

We browsed through the forums and saw that this issue is usually caused by multiple instances of an Ignition system executing with an identical configuration. However, this is not our case, we don’t have a backup Ignition instance running. We tried restarting the whole gateway and system but the error still occurs.

We tried deleting the quarantined items (after exporting), but new quarantined data keeps being added by the minute.

The error involves multiple tags, not a specific tag, which we saw happening in a couple of other forum posts, any recommendations to solve this problem is highly appreciated.

We too are experiencing this, interestingly all our tags are sourced through MQTT, we went from 8.1.1 to 8.1.2. I have raised a support ticket

I raised a support ticket as well, I’ll update you once I receive a response.

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Hello @ant1, have you solved your problem?

Hello @jsalceda, no not yet, still awaiting a response from Support. As I touched on, the only tags causing us errors are all sourced from the MQTT Engine Module, out of curiosity, is this the same with your tags?

No, in our case the tags were not sourced through MQTT, after the quarantined data issue, we started to have extreme clock drifts in our system, which degraded performance greatly. We tried to restore our gateway multiple times (in the same version, 8.1.2), but the only thing that helped up get rid of the problem was restoring to our previous version of Ignition, 8.1.0.