SQLTag History Data

I’ve recently discovered that when I run any charts for tags that the data leads into the future by about one hour. The values are correct up to the current time and then the current value is cast into the future. The values never catch up and the time continues to push. /_

Any ideas on what can cause this? I’ve already checked the clocks on my client & server computers and they are correct.

Not sure if I did a great enough job in describing what is happening…

Are the project properties (in the designer) set to us the gateway timezone, or something else?

If this is not the issue, what version of Java and Ignition are you using?

It is set to Client Time Zone

Ignition Platform
7.5.5 (b1255)

Version 7 Update 10

The charts (easy charts, I presume?) are set to realtime mode? Currently when the queried range exceeds the current time, the last value is simply returned for the future, so it sounds like for some reason the chart is asking for an extra hour. If it’s set to realtime, that would be very strange (especially if the starting time is correct for the range you want!), but if it’s a historical chart, or some other type of binding, perhaps the end time binding could be off.

We’ve also noticed that when using the tag history binding with a time interval, it tends to round up one interval. So, for example, if you had it bound to the last 8 hours in 1 hour intervals, you might end up with this behavior.

We’re going to soon change the behavior of returning the last stored value for time in the future, but that’s not really a big deal right now, the main question is how the requested time frame is getting offset.