SQLTag Tree

Is that possible form a Client/Designer to get a folder in an SQLTag tree ?
The purpose is to browse the tree to find out what is available in the subfolders.

You might find the tag.py shared script library from this thread useful. The virtual nodes it provides in the tag tree have iterable .children properties.

In fact my question was about to do from a java client module.
But it helped me.

In my calls that extends AbstractVisionPanel I can get a TagManager :
ClientTagManager tagManager = getAppContext().getTagManager();

I also create a root node for the “default” Tag provider.
TagPath root = new BasicTagPath(“default”);

Once I have a parent TagPath I can navigate below to “nextNode” it using
TagPath element = parent.getChildPath(“nextNode”);
This does not insure "nextNode exists.

From a parent TagPath I can get the children nodes using
List childrenTags = tagManager.browse(parent);
Then childrenTags contains a list of the tags below parent, but they are Tags and not TagPath.
So to get a TagPath form a Tag tag and Parent TagPath
TagPath child = parent.getChildPath(tag.getName());

With all of this it is possible to get through at Tag Tree from a Java client module.