SQLTags alerting - custom expression message

The custom message supports expressions that can contain other tag values. For example.

Fan_temp > { temp_sp}

Send “The east section fan temperature is {fan_temp}”

Requested here.

This would be the “state_name” that needs dynamic properties. For example some alarm description with a captured sql tag value when the alarm went active like temp, speed, etc.

David and I have discussed that at GREAT length. What would be VERY useful would be having the option to DYNAMICALY add “Columns” to an SQL tag. Meaning, in alarmlog, you have a FIXED array of columns, but wouldn’t it be handy to be able to add additional columns to your table and have the option in an SQL tag to save VALUES to that column along with what is already logged.

Yeah, we’ve been discussing this internally a lot in the last few weeks too. We’re mulling over the best way to implement this.

Made any head way on this guys?? This would be a VERY powerful tool.

Yeah, we figured out how it would work, but we’re a bit snowed under with all of our existing obligations for the next release. Expect it shortly after.

Just looking for an update on creating custom columns in the ALERT_LOG table and writing OPC or SQLTags to that column.

If need be, we could move this discussion to the Ignition! board

Alerting will be receiving some major upgrades sometime in the next 6 months (in Ignition, that is). Storing extra data points along with the alert will certainly be part of this upgrade. Stay tuned!

Awesome, thanks for getting this in.


David and myself are wondering what the status of this feature is.

Anything? :scratch:

Sorry - the Alerting redux had to be postponed until after Ignition 7.3. We don’t have a hard timeframe on it yet.

Is there any news about this? I’m trying Ignition 7.5.5 and I still doesn’t see that option… :frowning:

It looks like we will have those features in February this year.

Ignition 7.6, which is currently entering private beta, is our “Alarming” release. It has the features mentioned above such as custom fields on an alarm that can “capture” the values of other tags at the time of the alarm. Release will most likely be in March.

Great. :thumb_left:

Can you perhaps give us a little info about what else will be in this 7.6 release?

I don’t want to spill the beans here. Stay tuned, we’ll have some communication coming.