SQLTags Bug

Just wondering if any one else is having issues with SQL Tags. My tags just stop querying all together, but when i add a new tag, it works… for a bit. I dont know what the issue is, and want to get it resolved. Its the weekend so… if any IA support can give me a call, thatd be greatly appreciated

Kyle Chase

Ugh oh! That’s a big deal. Most of the guys just flew back from ISA. I believe you have their numbers. If not, I’ll tell them in the morning. I also sent them emails to their personal accounts.

Don’t you have a different login?

Thanks Nathan. Yeah I have a different logon, “Kyle Chase” on this forum, but i forgot the password, and my registered email is down for the weekend. On other forums however, my login is ghettofreeryder.

As for the issue at hand, i cant see why the tags wont update. It seems to have just happened last night. Logged out of pcanywhere, logged in an hour later, and nothing was working.

Any errors in any of the error logs? (SQLTags diagnostics log, FSQL error log, FPMI gateway error logs)

What are the qualities of the tags?

Under the SQLTags section of the Gateway Status page, does it indicate any problems? Are you polling or idle?

Can you issue queries to the database or is it non-responsive?


From Colby’s latest news announcement, our previously recommended MySQL flags create a problem with SQLTags. I assume that he found this from your system since our test setups ran for days without this problem. What is the current status?

[quote=“Colby.Clegg”]FURTHER IMPORTANT NEWS - Concerning these flags and SQLTags

As of the current release (4.0.0), it is very important that these flags ARE NOT used on the connection that is running SQLTags. Due to how the driver deallocates prepared statements, using these flags will cause the statement count to increase until it reaches the max allowed, causing further queries to fail. This will cause SQLTags to stop updating.

If you need the flags in order to maintain reasonable performance on your overall project, I suggest simply creating another “SQLTags only” connection without them.

We’ll be looking into what we can do to fix this shortly.


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Hi Guys,

I have those flags removed, same issue. All of my tags have null values in the db, and the quality of the tags is OPC_BAD_QUALITY. If some one can give me a call, we can sort this out. Thanks


I wanted to follow up on this thread and say that we looked into this over gotomeeting, and this particular case seemed to be caused by a bug in handling OPC items with null item paths. We will be releasing a fix shortly.