SQLTags export save window fixes and improvements

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I poked around in the forums to see if these had been mentioned before but came up empty handed:

-Whenever I click the Export button for the SQLTags export, the Save dialog shows up at the bottom of my screen and the Save and Cancel buttons are hidden behind the taskbar. If it showed up a bit higher then things would be a bit easier and look a bit nicer.

-If I select text (or put the cursor) in the File Name text box of the SQLTags save window and then hit the backspace key with the intent of deleting characters from the filename, the current directory goes up one level. Eg: deleting three characters of the file name brings me up 3 levels in the folder hierarchy. If I put the focus in the file browser this would be expected behaviour, but even when the focus is not on the file browser this happens.

-A default save name would be useful - if I select a single tag folder to export, maybe .xml instead of sqltags.xml would be nice, at least for my use cases. There are other ideas for this, but the key is that it would be nice if I need to export a bunch of things to different files that each would, by default, get a different filename.

(Ignition 7.6.6 (b2014040112))

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**Happens when the tag folder I selected is near the bottom of the scroll list. It looks like it tries to put the dialog at the line I’ve selected in the list, but when that’s near the bottom of the screen it places the dialog right at the bottom of the screen, behind the task bar.

First 2 have always bugged me, I just never bothered to post.

I just filed a bug ticket for #2. Looks like that was standard behavior for apps under XP, but isn’t for Vista/7/8 and most Ubuntu distros.

I could swear I had already seen a ticket for #1. I’ll probably find it 30 seconds after I create a new one. :slight_smile:

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