SQLTags guide for existing users

As many of you know the pre-release of FactorySQL 4.0 and FactoryPMI 3.0 featuring SQLTags is available on the Beta section of the Integrator Portal. The full version will be available by October 1st.

We’ve compiled a guide of changes for existing users here. You can also download a pdf version.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Very happy with SQLTags so far. Indirect Tags are a breeze to set up and no messing with expressions etc., which were giving me headaches on some of the parameterized buttons I was setting up.
One question, I noticed during install that there was a sample application, which I couldn’t install as I couldn’t update the reporting plugin (probably I don’t have the plugin installed previously).
Briefly, what’s in this sample?


Glad you’re liking SQLTags. It’s too bad you couldn’t install the demo… if you want, we can probably help you get it set up outside of the installer. At any rate, you can actually see it in action at http://demo.inductiveautomation.com. Essentially, it’s a project that goes through the main features that our customers primarily use, with the idea that you could go in a disect parts of it for use in your own projects.

Hope that answers your question, if you want to get it installed, let us know and we can get you the project & sql backup.