SQLTags Performance/MYSQL 6.0

Hey guys, i just did a little test with the new FPMI 3.11 and FSQL 4.10. With 5 connected clients, all using different screens, the server load was roughly 35%. idnt matter if there was 1 client or 5, load was the same. Very impressed.

On another note, have any tests been done using the new version of MYSQL 6.0, and if the FALCON engine would help with IA software?

Excellent. SQLTags should scale very very well for multiple clients, glad its proving out in practice.

We haven’t played with falcon yet, but we are signed up for some training later this month. We have high hopes, although the MyISAM engine is pretty blisteringly fast. I think Falcon is more of an InnoDB replacer, since Oracle owns the rights to that engine. Thats all hearsay though, we’ll see!