SQLTags quit updating in 7.2.7 after a system reboot

Ignition system in one of our plants has quit updating. All SQLTags are showing a value of NULL with a Quality of Stale. From what I’ve been told, this happened after a system reboot. The app is still reading values from the SQL Server database on another machine, but all realtime data has stopped updating. The SQL database is populated by FactoryTalk Transaction manager using RSLinx on another machine. That is still functioning. Both ignition and FTM read data from the same processor.
I can use the browse function to browse the tags in the designer, but if I drag one over to the SQLTags, it only displays NULL.
The Ignition app is using the internal OPCUA Controllogix driver to retrieve the values. This has been working for a couple years now, so it’s not a new app.
Any ideas?

Anything show up in the logs? I think on 7.2.x it’s still a wrapper.log file in the install directory?