SQLTags Throughput how to identify source

I have a project where the diagnostic window shows a SQLTag Throughput averaging 3.7 scans/second. My question is how do identify where these tags being scanned are located?

After I launch my project I do not have to click on anything and the SQLTags throughput will steady stay at 3.7 scans/second while sitting at our main menu. I would like to eliminate these scans as I believe it is creating unnecessary HTTP requests to the gateway.

Through trial and error I have found where the SQLTag query is happening, but I do not understand why it is scanning so much. I have a Memory SQLTag setup that contains an integer. On my header window in my project I have property on my root container that is bound to this Memory SQLTag. I then have scripting code on the root container of the header window that will fire when the property for the root container changes.

When I removed the binding and watched the diagnostic the SQLTag scan/seconds went to idle.

I have checked the memory tags scan class and it is set to scan every 60,000 ms. Why is there a few scans every second?

Thanks for the help,

That is a good question. What version do you have? You might have to call in regarding this issue so we can take a look at it.