Square Bracket in Tag Property Binding

What is the meaning of square brackets ([]) in a Property Binding?

I’m using v7.6 and have imported a project that contains a property binding value which includes square brackets in it. This value, [MY_SOLN]LineName, relates to a Tag which I had to import, however, after I imported the set of Tags into a folder called ‘MY_SOLN’ and went to the Property Binding screen the value that appeared for me to select was ‘MY_SOLN/LineName’.

It seems to work OK for the way I imported it (and changed all the bindings to not use the square brackets choice), but I am wondering what the square brackets notation refers to? Is there a different way to import these tags to match whatever the meaning of the square brackets is ?


  • Gary

The square brackets that you mention reference the SQLTag Provider, see an example in one of my earlier posts.