SSH connection

Hi all
I need a support to handle an SSH connection to our server. I am using Ignition ver 7.7.1 (b2014092209) .
I try to import to use different SSH lib for python without success (most of that are for python 2.6 or above). Now I found a lib called paramiko with version 2.6 that is compatible with the python installed in my Ignition. This lib requires pycripto . I installed it but I am still getting errors (i.e. ImportError: cannot import name counter”) it seems that for some reason the import with the “” is not well supported.
Is there another python lib or another way I can use to connect to an SSH server? If not can I use a 3rd party java library. In which way?
Thank you

You need to use Python libraries that are written in Jython (i.e. compatible with Java) Pycrypto is written in CPython.