SSL Cert Expiry

Hi Guys,

Some time ago we setup SSL. I wanted to know, what could happen if the certs expire before we take action to renew? Could our Ignition clients lose communication to server? Is there any way I could setup an email notification reminder that triggers say a month before a cert expires?


No, but you could put an entry in your own calendar…

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Thanks Phil!

I know I can put an email in my own calendar but I try to take individuals out of the equation where possible (what happens when I leave the company!). As an example, I used to use ‘On_Call Rosters’ in email notification pipeline blocks but then I had to constantly edit myself in the gateway when people wanted to edit members. I switched to using a calculated roster type that emails an outlook email contact group (managed by IT). Now I simply request new contact groups and forward member edit requests to IT.

The Gateway → Web Server → Certificate Details has the information I want, it even has a warning on that screen if it is to expire ‘soon’. I think I will submit an idea to IA to perhaps have the ‘Not Valid After’ date as a system tag so we can do what we want with it.

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The humor fell flat… /: