SSL Certificates for Camera Feed ''Offline''

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to adding HTTPS:// to some camera streaming feeds.

I’m using axis cameras, anyone done this in an offline environment.

I get this error, which is normal since I don’t have any SSL certificates for the camera.

Added: I’m able to access the camera using HTTPS in a web browser, however since I d’ont really have a certificate, ignition gives me this error

Any solutions?

You’ll need to create your own certificate authority, use it to sign new certificates for each camera, and add the CA to all the browsers and devices that will look at the cameras.

If they even allow a certificate to be configured or HTTPS to be enabled.

More likely I’d imagine he’ll have to use a reverse proxy that he’ll access via HTTPS (with all the certificate stuff you mentioned) and then in turn it accesses the cameras over HTTP.

@c.turmel whatever screenshot or text paste of the error you meant to include didn’t make it.

I’m not sure about Axis brand cameras, but the Amcrest security cameras I use allow certificate and HTTPS setup.

( Not that I’ve bothered. I run them on an isolated subnet so they can’t call home. )