I have an application where a clientless access to a corporate network is needed. I have been trying an opensource solution called SSL-Explorer. Problem is, it is expecting me to access the tunnel by typing in localhost:8080, which gets me access to the FPMI config page, but messes up the designer and runtime by not pointing directly to the server. Any ideas on a solution, or is your SSL integration just around the corner?

yeah, I don’t think you’re going to be able to layer-on an SSL solution yourself. Our SSL integration is right around the corner with the 3.1.0 release. Expect it sometime in November.

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Carl’s information is correct, but I just wanted to follow up because I read your question a bit differently…

If SSL-Explorer wants you to go to Localhost:8080, the situation is probably just that it uses the same port by default as factorypmi. We choose the 8080 port by default because it sounds good, is similar to 80, but isn’t (since webservers run on 80, and lots of people have webservers installed even if they don’t know it). Lots of other applications probably try to use the same port as well by default.

I’d suggest simply changing the port in either program. For PMI, you can do this on the gateway config page, or even through the “Monitor Gateway Control”. I’d try changing it to 8081 or something easy to remember.


To add to Colby’s description - 8080 is a commonly used alternate HTTP port to 80. 81 and 82 are used for the same reason, but I see 8080 and even 8081 much more often.

I’d speculate that you could also change the port that SSL-Explorer uses. You could certainly change your FactoryPMI port.

I second Carl’s idea in waiting for FPMI version 3.1, which should be a few weeks away at most, if it’s a viable option for you. It will have an included SSL option.

In fact, Kyle is one of our beta testers for the SSL option in FactoryPMI v3.1!

Yes, i have installed 3.1 in two locations, and it is working great, minus a bug found with SSL and Java 6. Carl knows about this. Other than that, everything is great, can access the project on the local network and remote network without a problem

Are you enforcing SSL on local connections as well as remote? How is the performance when using SSL?

Yes, i am enforcing SSL on local connections,. I havent ran any test for performance, but i cannot notice any difference in performance for day to day use. Ill try get some numbers for you

BTW, the afformentioned bug with Java 6 will be fixed with either the official release of 3.10… sort of, or really fixed with the release of java 6 update 4.

Yeah - I got the inside scoop. It's a known Java 6 update 3 or less bug with SSL that doesn't exist with Java 5. Bummer! Sun should have update 4 out in the next month or two.

Good to hear that the performace works well. I was initially worried about possible overhead.

what is SSL error?