SSO with AD domain name case sensitivity

When launching the designer for my gateway I get a logger trace entry for the SSOHelper of “SSO domains did not match! Compared ‘mycompany’ and ‘MYCOMPANY’” and the SSO fails. If I enter my username and password into the logon dialog I am able to successfully logon. I have tried changing the case of every instance of the domain name in the user source but nothing I have done will get SSO working, nor does the text in the logger trace change. Is there any way to disable the domain name check or make it case insensitive?

The first string, mycompany, should be verbatim what’s in the SSO Domain property (or, the Domain: property if SSO Domain is empty)

The second string, MYCOMPANY in your case, is coming directly from the actual system we’re attempting SSO login from; specifically, we’re using the NTSystem Java class to retrieve the local system information.

I’ve tried uppercase and lowercase strings in the SSO Domain property but the first domain in the log is always lowercase and the second is always uppercase. Can send you a screen shot of my actual configuration to see if i have something else amiss? I can’t post it in a public forum.

Well, if the settings are correct in the UI, that reflects the state they’re in in the internal database, and I can’t see anything that would be collapsing the casing down to lowercase. If you’ve ever gotten into the internal database, you could check the appropriate AUTHPROFILEPROPERTIES table to make sure the right information is actually saved:

But, if that’s all set correctly, then I would say to get in contact with support so they can escalate appropriately, or see if there’s something I’m missing that could be causing the issue.