Stacked Bar Chart Data Labels & Shared Category

I am trying to get a stacked bar chart (category type) to show data labels inside each segment of each stack. Then, I have two different stacks that need to be right next to each other and share a category on the x-axis. Unfortunately, the functionality I want appears to be possible with a combination of a stacked bar chart object and a raw chart object customized to be stacked bar by category, but each independently cannot do everything that is needed in my application. Let me show what is happening:

In attached image bg1.jpg you can see that by using 2 rows with the same category name, the renderer only uses the last row to render the object, it doesn’t draw 2 stacked bars with the different data from the dataset. This stacked bar graph object can, however, show the data labels on each segment in the configuration (labels field) as is a requirement of my application.

In attached image bg2.jpg I have similar data where 2 rows in the source dataset have the same category, and it draws 2 stacked bars side by side with a shared category name (This is the chart object). Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn labels on using this method.

So, how can I get the rendering function of the second object (chart object) and the ability to turn on data labels for each segment of the stacked bar (bar graph object) all in the same object?

Anyone have any insight? If a base chart object needs to be modified to make this happen, maybe we could discuss the best way to go about doing that. I may call in - Need to get this going in the next couple of days.

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