Stacked Bar Chart in Perspective

I is possible to have a Stacked bar chart in perspective as shown in below image?

@umesh.pol, this is possible with the Time Series Chart. You’ll need to create a trend under a plot and change its type value to bar:

But it is not stack value on top of each other.

Thanks @jball , will check and see if it fits the requirement. The thing is we should be able to change both axes. hope time series lets you change the x-axis as well?

You’ll want to use the timeAxis property of the chart to make format changes to the X axis:


Currently, the format of the Y axis is built automatically based on the height of the chart and the granularity of the data. I do have a ticket open to allow the format of the Y axis to be modified in the same way as the time axis.

Nader is right; this mode of the Time Series chart functions as an overlay bar chart vs a stacked bar chart. It looks like I have a bug in the underlying library where the toggle to go from stacked to overlay isn’t working (I will open a ticked). This toggle is represented as the stack property of the trend.

Hi @jball , How can I have time series data on hourly basis intead of seconds on x-axis?

Check out the timeAxis.tick.label.format property. There are a couple of predefined options that you can select to have an hourly display, or you can supply a Moment.js time format of your choosing if there is a specific hourly display that you would like to present:


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