Stacked bar chart - percentage

I have a 3-stack bar chart in report module. Currently have bar labels shown. For the first part of the stack, I want the figure as is now, it’s shown in metres. For the other two parts of the stack, I want the figure not expressed in metres but as a percentage of the total. Being dynamic, I can’t just put a static label on as one day there could be 5 rows returned the next 15. I’m guessing some custom scripting on the bar chart component would get what I want - any advice on how to proceed?

From the CategoryPlot (chart.getPlot()) you will need to get the renderer for the series you are trying to customize (based on your description, there should be 3 series total; getRenderer() is zero indexed. On that renderer, you will need to setSeriesItemLabelGenerator() to provide a new…item label generator. Your item label generator will need to be a new class that either implements the CategoryItemLabelGenerator interface directly, or subclasses the StandardCategoryItemLabelGenerator.