Stacked bar values squishing together - How to stagger

Please see the image - I have tried to find a way to prevent small bars with values from smashing the value text up against the next bar down, but to no avail. We need the values and the small bars, so cannot simply remove them without impacting user value.

Some users have asked for a staggering of alternating values to get around this but I don’t see an alternating horizontal offset, or even a horizontal offset at all for that matter.

Would it be necessary to modify the base widget classes or is there a simpler way I haven’t found yet?

As of right now there is no way to alter the position of the label aside from distance from the top of the segment it belongs to.

To put in that label altering mechanism in would mean making some very deep changes to the way the bar chart component works, so there really is not a simple way that you have over looked.

How about setting it to horizontal instead of vertical? That would give you more display space.