I’m trying the Ignition. I have last trial version, 7.5.5 and on server (gateway) I have last java v6 (because I wanted to try mobile client).

My test project is set to manual publishing in project settings and update mode in Client settings is on push.
I run two clients, one in staging (F9) mode and one in published (F10) mode.
When I made a change in the designer and only save the project, both client windows are updated/refreshed, but the change is seen only on staging client.
When I publish the project, then the change is also seen on the publishing client.

What I mean is, why is publishing client also refresh (or show the notification update bar, if in client setting the update mode is set to notify), if I only save the project? Shouldn’t only the staging client refresh and update?

I’m new at this, so be gentle, please … :wink:

Regards from sLOVEnia, Europe

Try closing both of the clients and clearing out Ignition’s cache by deleting the .ignition folder in:


Once you do that try launching the clients again to see if it acts the same way. It might be a cache problem.

That was it.

I cleared the cache and now only staging client update, when I press save project.
When I press publish, only the publishing client updates.

Thank you.