Stale SQL Tags

Periodically I have some of my SQL tags go stale. When they go stale they never go back to good quality unless you change the scan class. You can then change back to the original scan class and all is good until the next time.
Please help.

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What version of Ignition do you have?

Version 7.1.2 running on Linux

We have made some changes to Ignition regarding stale values so you may want to upgrade to 7.1.3 that is on the website to see if that fixes your problem.

Today we upgraded to 7.1.3. The tags are not going stale now, but they are not updating either. This seems to be confined to several tags that are referenced to and are triggers for alarms. I think this may be an issue with the OPC-UA server. The tags show good data but when compared with our identical fpmi application running kepserver the tags and values don’t match.

Something has changed with the way SQL tags are handled. I dug a little deeper and found it takes forever to initialize the tags. What’s going on? The stale tag handling needs to be corrected because now it is misleading. 1 other thing I noticed sql tags cannot be edited, deleted, or added for about an hour after the gateway is started. Read timeout error.

What kind of device are these tags from? Do you have time to call into support and do a GoToMeeting today?

Yes, I’ll give you a call in a bit

This problem went away when our FPMI application was taken offline and only Ignition was running by itself.

This problem came back several days later. It seemed to be confined to one device. After consulting with the IA guys, it was determined that there may be some latency with this one device. The stale threshold for the OPC-UA server was adjusted from 3 to 5 to compensate.