Stale Tag Overlay

I have tags displayed on a perspective page that come from MQTT. If a MQTT client disconnects the associated tags go stale and the label displaying the tag has a red error overlay, the last know value stays displayed. The value of the tag is not important so I don’t write it to the DB like I do with my other tags.

Is there a way in perspective to remove that overlay, Like system.tag.setOverlaysEnabled(0) ?

If you are binding the tag to a component, then inside the Edit Binding window there is a check box below where you enter the tag path called Overlay Opt-Out. Selecting that should remove the error overlay.

Not sure if there is a way to do that globally across the entire project or not.

That did the trick, thankyou. Cant believe I missed that one when setting up the tag.

How do you remove it from a component?

What part of dylandaigle’s answer did you not understand?

His answer was about a Tag… I am asking about a Perspective component.

Also, I find your reply not only non constructive but offensive.

His answer was about a vision component.

Perspective component bindings have the same option.

If you can provide more information about what is not working, you will get more helpful answers.

As far as I know the tag overlay is only relevant in the context of a tag binding to a component. dylandaigle explained how to remove the binding.

I’m not sure why you found my question offensive. I was seeking clarification - and may be able to assist if you can clarify the problem.

I understand his answer completely. It’s not a matter of not undersanding. You assumed I did not understand. That is the offeninsive part.


I know where this is and all tag bindings have this checked. The component still has an error box.

Then there's some other error in the component configuration. Share the component configuration so we can see.

Can you provide an image of this error box?

Also, what version of Ignition? This option is also available for Property, Expression, Query, Tag History, and HTTP bindings, are you using any of those? Perhaps it is being propagated from somewhere else?

Im on 8.1.17

I have several different bindings but I have gone through them all and thay all have the opt out checked.

It appears that you are having a problem with an accordion component. (You didn’t mention this in your posts.)
There are no binding icons in the left gutter so I don’t see where you are getting the overlay error. (You haven’t shown one.)

The only clue at the moment is the ‘1’ error count beside the warning triangle on the PROPS heading. If you hover over the ‘1’ you should get some further information to reveal what the problem is.

It just says Bad_Stale and I can’t find any binding icons either. That is why I reached out to this forum.

See if this helps. I purposely made one go stale to show…

**Edited to say ignore me, I never read the previous posts where you had no bindings.

It appears that you once had a binding under item[0].content but that whatever was bound has been removed.

Did you by chance have a property in there, perhaps under the style, that had a binding and then delete it without first removing the binding?

If you did try adding back that property and then removing the binding.

I would expect the error to say what property was causing the error.

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Right, but you've posted this in a thread asking titled "Stale Tag Overlay". You don't seem to have a tag overlay related error.

I agree with @lrose. Right-click the accordion in the Project Browser and select copy. Paste it into another post, use the </> button to format it as code and then hit the :gear: gear icon and use the Hide Detals option to collapse it so your post doesn't get ridiculously long.

That might be it. It seems to have the binding icon in the project browser.

I just deleted the whole accordian and rebuilt it.

The Bad_Stale error is now gone. I wonder if this is the intended bahavior if you do not delete the binding before deleting the property.

Seems like it should either delete both or give you an error when trying to delete the property that you have a binding.

Thanks for the help.