Stale tag values since IP Address and hardware changes - how to troublesoot?

Using 7.8.4. This Ignition gateway is on a NIC and has two IP addresses.

Have a vision client that was working fine. Recently IT changed one the IP addresses for the gateway (the one that all the users used to access the vision client) and so people complained their shortcut to the Vision application no longer worked. Found out the database IP addresses were also changed but I was able to mitigate all of this and get people access to the vision application and have history start saving to the database again but I found that all the components relying on tags were greyed out and come to find they're all stale.

On the gateway every single tag is like

Now that date 10-12-2022 (occured after the IP change), turns out a different IT person replaced a switch.

I think the issue is what I see under the status of the OPC-UA server -

That ip address it is referencing is the old IP address of the Ignition gateway. I think relatedly under Configure->Ignition OPC-UA Server->Certificates, I see

and again the underlined is the old Ignition IP address (for the network where the IP was changed).

I assume that this mismatch is why my tags are all stuck on their October 12th value, But how can I fix this? I know what the new IP address should be.

There should be an OPC UA server settings page where you can set the bind address. If it's wrong, you'll have to change it, and then restart the module (at least). If it's correct already, leave it alone.
Either way, you'll then have to change the UA client connection in Ignition to use the correct address. If you fix it and it balks about the certs, then you'll have to regenerate them.

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Yup just went through this with support. I tried changing it last week but never restarted the OPC-UA module. Got it working now. Appreciated.