Stale Trigger Errors

On my Transactional groups I am getting the following error(s) on the events tab - “Trigger did not evaluate - Source item currently has bad quality [[false,Stale]]” This is happening on all of the groups with triggers.


Well, it means that your OPC items aren’t getting values. I’ve been away on vacation for the last few weeks, but I believe I’ve heard that this may be caused by some driver problems in 7.1.2. Is that the version you’re running?

Yes I am running that version.

The stale triggers are not allowing the groups to run. Also stale items are storing as null in the DB.

Try upgrading to 7.1.3. There were a number of issues found that could lead to stale data. Let us know if the problem persists, and I can give you a call to troubleshoot.