Standard IEC-61850

I have a question:

Ignition complies with IEC-61850?

As far as I understand, IEC-61850 is a comm protocol primarily designed for electrical substations. We do not have a IEC-61850 driver for Ignition at this time.

Just putting this out there that SEL has a great “Embedded Automation Computing Platform” under the model SEL-3354 preloaded with “Substation Server” which can convert IEC-61850 to a handful of protocols that Ignition does support. If you add a IRIG-B signal it can even fill in timestamp data and serve as a NTP server. If you were feeling really ambitious, would be possible to get an Ignition gateway residing on it also.

but they will get that driver to meet the standard?

Not sure what you’re asking here. Do you want to know if Ignition will support 61850? The answer to that is probably not anytime soon. Electrical utilities are just not their target market.

As stated above, SEL has a solution. We (RuggedCom) are also developing a solution (Ignition friendly) which we expect to have ready by the end of the year.

If you really want the IA developers to work on 61850, add your vote to this poll.