Stange behaviour fo Tag history dataset or by design?


Ignition 7.2.3, windows Seven host.

I need to report data in a cross tab based on sqltags history table. I’ve encountered stange behaviour in the dataset, let me explain.

Drop a table on a window.
Select one or more history tag, set settings as you wihn (historical/realtime, retrieve mode…).
If you set TALL mode, then data types for the values are ok (ie : long, integer…)
In WIDE mode, data types is always STRING. Then it is not possible to simply chart/report this dataset.

Any explanation here ?


nobody have the same problem and needs :scratch:


Sorry I missed this. I would guess that what is going on is that one of your tags is in the “sqlth_te” table with two different data type specifications, and that the system is using “string” instead.

Take one of the tags and look it up in the “sqlth_te” table. Are there multiple entries? What values are there for data type?

The other thing you could try is to go to the Console section and then Levels, and search for “history”. Set QueryExecutor and QueryResultWriter to debug, run your query a few times, and then switch them back. Does the output indicate that the system is falling back to string due to multiple definitions?