Start a timer when a bit goes high?

I’m wondering if Ignition can do this, and if so, what the best route would be. I want to start a timer when a bit goes high. The bit would be an OPC tag, but the timer would be in Ignition. Ideas?

EDIT: Oh, and when the timer hits a preset time, set a memory bit high.

The ‘running?’ property of the timer should be bindable to a tag. Have you tried tying the ‘Running?’ property to the boolean OPC tag? Once you have that you can write a script in python to have the memory tag change when the desired timer value occurs.

I have a lot to learn, because I don’t understand most of what you said, but I figured out a different way to do what I needed to do. I just realized there’s a “LastChange” property that I can use for what I need.