Start and Stop Gateway

It would be nice to have a gateway start and stop control on the ignition admin webpage similar to fpmi.

That wouldn’t work because as soon as you stopped Ignition you would no longer have a web page to start it from.

You probably are aware, but you can start/stop it from either the command-line, windows services area, the batch files in the install directory, or the Gateway Control Utility.


With FPMI there was a restart feature on the web interface. This would be all that would be needed. Otherwise I have to open webmin or do remote desktop from a compliant machine. With the web interface I can do it from any machine.

I understand that this would be nice, but there are some major structural changes in Ignition compared to FactoryPMI that make this feature unavailable.

hi can we so this remotely using the gateway IP address please let me know.

Gateway Command-line Utility - Ignition User Manual 8.0 - Ignition Documentation.

You can use this. Two ways I can see doing it - using task scheduler or a cronjob of sorts if you want to turn it on/off at regularly scheduled times.

Or make a simple flask server that has an endpoint where it will run the command then you could build your own web interface to turn it on/off.

Alternatively, provide a secure way to remote into the machine, and you can run the commands directly.