Start New Trial - Perspective Expired

I’m not able to reset the Perspective Client. A page comes up saying “Trial Expired” and to “Launch Gateway”. I’ve tried logging into the gateway but it doesn’t seem to reset the trial period.

How would you reset the gateway to keep trying the Perspective module?

After you log into the gateway, the banner will show a “Reset Trial” link on the right side. That will reset the trial period. You will be required to start a new Perspective session for the Trial Expired Screen to go away however.

You could also use the Beta License located here so that you don’t need to reset the trial during the Beta period.

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I have been using the generic beta license that was posted earlier in the forum (and will expire later this year) as a way not to have to reset it all the time.

Yep, its pretty nifty.

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This beta license is definitely the way to go for now. Thanks for linking that @mrogers