"starting up project client monitor" in logs

We have been experiencing a diagnostic log entry every few seconds about one of our client projects starting up. It is the same project listed every time. We traced down the IP address of the factory floor machine, rebooted and started the project back up again and it seemed fine for an hour or so. Now we are back to our log being filled with the following informational message:

“Starting up client project monitor. project=(project name is listed here), uuid=(unique user id is listed here), editCount=990, scope=4, version=Published”

This is being posted to the log every few seconds and it is happening it is happening at multiple IP addresses that are running that application.

Anyone have any thoughts as to what could be going on with that project to cause this repeated message about ‘starting up’?

Does your navigation in that project include any unnecessary project retargeting?


Thank you for the reply. Do you have a thought of what action the navigation might be trying to take to cause that issue? Thanks again!

Search the project for any use of system.util.retarget(). A project retargeting to itself will appear to be a new client.

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I checked and we are not using the retarget command in that project. I’m still doing some digging. I’ll post anything I come up with. Thanks for the help.

Is there any chance you just have flaky connections? You’d have entries in the client-side diagnostics about broken connections and reconnecting.

I’ve seen weird behavior when antivirus software scans everything from an Ignition server.

Ended up speaking with tech support at IA and they knew exactly where to send me. He referenced the client timer script. We have that configured to check every 10 seconds to see if there is user inactivity, then it will check to make sure that our operator is logged in (as opposed to maintenance / engineering). If not, log in the operator.

Tech support at IA stated that when that script executes or when a user is changed, it will also throw that informational message in your diagnostic log that looks like the project is starting up.

Our statement checked for inactivity (15 minutes) then checked for the current user. This is what was causing the log entries as best as I can tell. I changed the script to first check for the user (and if not our default factory floor user) then check for inactivity. Seems to have solved the problem with the repeated log entries and the auto-logout script is still functional.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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This was exactly what was happening with my system. Thanks for the solution!