Startup problem

I am running FSQl on server 2003 with RSLinx classis 2.51 as OPC server. The system has been running perfect for a couple years. Last week i updated my OPC Topic in RSLinx (Added a new PLC to the list). I modified the address’ of a couple tags to look at the new PLC. (I wanted to keep continuity in the data collection in the same MSSQL table column)

Now when i reboot the server the data collection does not start automatically. I get “configuration error” instead of data for all the tags in my four groups. If i stop the group the values update correctly for the tags. I can then restart the group and data collection will run normally.

I reinstalled RSLinx to no avail. I also tried refreshing the OPC servers after bootup to see if that would get data collection started, but that did not work either. The only way i can get data collection to start is to stop and restart each group.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Andy

I believe FactorySQL is starting up before RSLinx. So, you can add a startup delay in FactorySQL for about 60 seconds to let other services start up. This setting is under Settings -> Service Settings in the FactorySQL Frontend.