Startup Screen Based on Client Tag

I have a client startup script that sets a couple navigation index tags and should swap to the correct screen, but the swapping part doesn't seem to be working.

The script that is called is in the project library. Basically,

  1. Read client tag that determines area based on IP (1,8,10,15, or 19)
  2. Write tier 1 index based on the area and tier 2 index to 0.
  3. Swap to the correct page.

Numbers 1 and 2 complete no problem, and I can see my tier 1 navigation displaying the correct "selected screen." However, the swap to does not seem to execute, or it executes before the screen that is marked as the "startup screen" opens - is that why it's not working?

I'm guessing the correct approach here is going to be to unmark the "open on startup" window and manually do it with the startup script, every time.

Where is it called from?

This would be my guess.

Called from the Client Startup Script

Handling the startup screen manually and removing the "Open on Startup" option from my main screen solved the issue.

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Yeah, I see that. Apparently my lack of caffeine today is effecting my ability to read.