Startup Script assign default db connection

Hi All,
Obligatory first post declaration. English is my first language, so please judge accordingly.

I have a gateway that is being developed in a testing OU that is air gapped from all production environments.
For shakedown tests it would be great to use my location settings to drop a read only gateway into production so we can see how our UDTs and trends hold up.

I am hoping somebody can help with some nomenclature to set the default db connection for a given project. something along the lines of system.db.setdefaultconnection would do the trick or any alternate path to get there.


There’s no such trick. But:

So, set up a DB in that environment with identical content. Let you test system write to it. If you are pedantic enough, you will set up DNS and/or IP addresses identically as well, allowing you to simply drop in a gateway backup.

Hah! We’re geeks. Communication skills are sometimes lacking. /:

Unfortunately the test environment mimics the production env. DNS/IP and server names are unique.
DEVPCSIGN01.domain1.local vs SITPCSIGN01.domain1.local
I have control over the db name, so in theory on startup I can update the db connection URL and define a single db connection, but I feel like there might be some friction using different windows service accounts and winAuth connections.