StartUp Window issue

I have an issue when i copied projectA to projectB inside the same gateway.

On projectB:
I remove some of the windows to give that:

I set HOME1 window as ‘Open at Startup’.

I have no client / gateway startup script.

But when I launch in published mode, their old window that was ‘Open at Startup’ but deleted that open at startup.

I don’t have the problem inside my original project (projectA).

I tried to debug and get more informations, i use this scripts to display my opened windows:
windows = system.gui.getOpenedWindowNames()
myText = “”
for window in windows:
myText = myText + window + “

event.source.text = myText

Here is the result:

These windows does not exist anymore inside my project A and B.

Ignition version:

How could I fixed this ?

Did you publish the changes?

Yes, but those windows have been deleted in project A before the copy of the project like 2 months ago.

When i use getAllWindows() functions those are not shown.

I upgrade to version : 7.9.4 (b2017082911) but the problem is still remaining.