State Engine Display

What would be the best way to display the status of a State Engine with expanding state engine displays.
Let me explain what I am thinking.
In pharma and food projects much of the systems are run using PLC State Engine control.
I have a master state engine that goes thru steps like 1-Idle, 2-Faulted, 3-Paused, 4- CIP Setup, 5-CIP In Progress, 6- CIP Complete, 7-SIP Setup, 8-SIP in Progress, 9-SIP Complete, 10-Production Setup, 11-Production in Progress, 12-Production Complete, 13-Post Production, 14-Post Production Complete, 15-Non-Sterile Production. I would like to have all of these steps displayed in a table where each step can expand to display another state engine with similar steps and these may have expanding tables for more state engine displays.
Let me give a little more detail.
Step 8 is SIP in Progress, from this column it expands while in that process to display the multiple steps used during SIP functions and it also has steps 1-3 just like the first step, but has different steps beyond that like step 4-SIP Preparation, 5-Peroxide, 6-Dry and Steam, 7-SIP Complete. From these table rows there are more expandable tables that display for example Step 6-Dry and Steam has 2 state engines that are active at the same time and would be nice to have 2 new tables that expand from step 6 row of the table. These engines again would have the same 1-3 steps, Idle, faulted, and Paused. But would have more rows for more steps.
Each of these rows would have the ability to show a timer associated with that step in seconds and the row should have the ability to be highlighted in some color to show it is the active step.
I hope this gives the general idea of what I am after, would be great to have a common component that could accomplish this. I am duplicating a system from another vendor and this is a very complex task which can and will be duplicated by me many times in the future. On the old product I could build one and duplicate it many times with some modifications. If someone has something like this I would certainly appreciate a sample

Ignition’s new (this year) Track and Trace module might be a candidate for this. It looks like the module is designed for historical tracking, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be used to describe the entire process that an item could theoretically go through… and it’s visual! Check on this short (~3.5 min) video.