Static min and max limit for Perspective heatmap

I am working on the Perspective heatmap, following the manual, the heatmap can display the panel. But the color gradient is dynamic, the upper and lower limit for the heat rule is based on the input data, is it possible to change the upper and lower limit to static number, for example, 0 is always red, and 100 is always green.


Hi james_y,

The upper & lower limit for the heat rule are based on the input data.
Which makes me think setting the upper & lower limit for the heat rule is possible.
It'll require a binding & possibly a script transform.

For example, you can set a binding for the "count" object of the data property, so that any value larger than your desired max value will automatically change to the max value. And vice verse for your desired minimum value.


Play around with this & you should be able to figure something out.

If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend opening up a support ticket.

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for your reply. I looked this post Perspective XY Chart individual bar colors - #3 by Toobor, and worked around to get it work. I used script in transform to change the color, also disabled the heat rule.