Static Size Header and Footer

I am using headers and footers in a Perspective page and would like to know if its is possible to make them static no matter how much I zoom in or out. Currently zooming in/out at a certain point just makes them unusable and pointless.
I am looking for a way to make it a static 1920:70 sized header and 1920:80 footer. There are a lot of moving parts like flex containers, XY coordinate containers and breakpoints within the header/footers so if I can refrain from completely remaking them that would be awesome.

There would normally be information in the white spaces but for possible legal reasons its been removed.

Here is what it looks like at standard 100% zoom within a web browser, I use Firefox if that matters.

And here is what happens when I zoom in:

And here is when I zoom out:

Browsers are going to fight you. Zoom is a user control, and must be so to support screen readers and other assistive technologies. (Legal obligations, in many places, like the U.S.) You can probably use the new dimensions properties in the nightlies to work around it, but expect to be disappointed.

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Cant really argue against that any, so far the fact that you can zoom in the browser but that Perspective doesn’t have its own built in zoom function is quite frustrating. Spec for the company I’m building this for says they want to be able to zoom, but they gain nothing other than it breaks their screens.
Thank you for the info though sadly I have to use a specific version of Perspective.