Status Chart change series height

I am using a status chart in vision, version 8.1.25.

I have alternating machine status rows (2 rows per machine one above the other)

I would like the second machine row to be thinner than the first. Essentially I want the even numbered series to have less height. Can the series row height be dynamic with something like the configureChart extension function?

I'm not sure this can be done in a maintainable way with the status chart component. Probing the component reveals that the light and dark grey banding is handled by the domain axis which is a org.jfree.chart.axis.SymbolAxis, normally I associate the date axis with the domain axis, but that's not the case with this component. I imagine that this could be overridden in the configureChart extension function, and custom sized bands could be manually painted with the drawGridBands method, but I'm not sure that would do anything for the renderer that paints the different multi colored data bars. That would likely have to be overridden as well.

It would be much simpler to make a custom component for this purpose, or display the AS Modified data in a separate component, such as a paintable canvas.

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