Status Chart Historical display

I have a simple Status Chart in designer to monitor machines. I can only display real-time status. How can I get the chart to show historical data?

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select the Power chart and drag on screen. Stop the session and click on tag button under that you can see the tags which are under DB and set the data.

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can please help me out in this.
Exact I want to design like your dashboard. can you please share the steps/upload screen/any video for this.

Even I need to show like this with time.
I am saving the live tags data in DB for 15 mins.

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I would suggest using a date range component to set the start and end dates in your query.


Thank you, Jordan. I have previously attempted to set the data range. When asked for a start/end date for binding, it gives me an error that the date is not a valid binding path. There does not seem to be a date range data set to choose from in the binding path drop down list.

I am using multistate indicators and a status chart as the primary display components. The indicators are assigned and labeled to a corresponding tag.
I put all this together by trial and error and still have a long way to go for what I would like to display.

Add a Date range component, then bind the status chart to the date range component.

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Excellent! Thank you Jordan!

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