Status Chart in reports or in a email

Hello Good morning, I am being asked for a report for a project in my work where we see the dead times of a machine so the status chart was perfectly accommodated, the problem is that they want it in the daily report I send and I don’t know how to add it since it is not an option in the design of reports, or I would like to know what option the report has to do something similar

If you don’t need official support, there is a free module on Github that adds a status chart for reports.


Hi, thanks, it doesn’t work, because I’m using a 7.9 version of ignition
Do you know a version an earlier version?

Yes: reporting-components-1.9.0.modl (44.5 KB)


Hello, sorry for the inconvenience, could you tell me a little description of how the component is used or how it works, I don’t know how to structure the data to be displayed, or do you have any documentation? Thank you very much in advance

The configuration is not very different from the vision component. The sample report is created from a simple script datasource:

	headers = ['id', 'color', 'description']
	rows = []
	rows.append(['Event 1','#FF0000','Event 1'])
	rows.append(['Event 2','#00FF00','Event 2'])
	rows.append(['Event 3','#0000FF','Event 3'])
	data['events']=system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, rows)
	date =,7,1)
	headers = ['series', 'event', 'start']
	rows = []
	rows.append(['Line 1','Event 1', date])
	rows.append(['Line 1','Event 2',,3)])
	rows.append(['Line 1','Event 3',,4)])
	rows.append(['Line 1','Event 1',,9)])
	rows.append(['Line 1','Event 3',,12)])
	rows.append(['Line 2','Event 2', date])
	rows.append(['Line 2','Event 3',,1)])
	rows.append(['Line 2','Event 2',,7)])
	rows.append(['Line 2','Event 3',,12)])
	data['status']=system.dataset.toDataSet(headers, rows)

The report configuration looks loke this:

You may also want to adjust the Start date and End date properties. There are tooltips for the configuration properties that give some usage hints.

When you use the status chart in a table with grouped data, you can leave the Data Key empty to use the detail level detail rows as events.

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I’m trying to get the status chart to work in my report, but can not get the info to display.
Any ideas?

There should be a warning message in the console, tha tells you that there is no color mapping for the states.
Either add a color column to your dataset or create a seperate dataset with at state to color mapping.