Status Chart - Suppress Date

This is a simple thing. The answer is probably no, but is there a way to hide the date from the status chart object? For a realtime historical data, no one cares about the date since it’s always today. It’s just taking up room on my screen!

I currently put it outside the template border but Ignition does not like it when something hangs off for some reason so this is not the best and doesn’t always render right.

The status chart does not support extension functions, so there is no clean way to hide the date. As always in Ignition, there is a hack:
Put the following code in the PropertyChange script of your chart, it will hide the date when the chart is displayed in the client:

if event.propertyName in ('locale', 'componentRunning' ):
	# locale: designer preview mode
	# componentRunning: client
	self = event.source

‘DisplayDayInTitle’ should really be a property of the status chart!