Status Page - Diagnostics - Running Scripts not loading when have access to only Status Page

User does not have permission to gateway config page. Same user is trying to load the Status Page - Diagnostics - Running Scripts but its shows only loading. On same gateway other user having config page access the running scripts status is easily loading for him.

Why such things are happing, because status all resource must to open.

Ignition version 8.1.5

The ‘Running Scripts’ page requires “Config” level access because you can terminate scripts, which could be dangerous to hand to less authenticated actors.

Hello @PGriffith,
Thanks for the information.

I completely agree with you answer. But ‘Running Scripts’ page is a primary diagnostics tool and it gives more detailed information of threads id generated on ‘Threads’ page for better troubleshooting.
If, it will be like for the user restricted only to status page access can only view the ‘Running Scripts’ not able to terminate it. So, it would be have good feature of ignition.


Yeah, I can agree with that reasoning. I suspect the current implementation was simply the easiest way to restrict things.

Fixed in 8.1.29: